Monday, May 23, 2011

I am my Beloved's

Recently I was looking through my old poetry, and found this piece.
It's from a chapter mark in my life: the point where I really chose Him, and came back to love.
This was the beginning of beautiful.

"I Am My Beloved's"

I was a city torn down
but You've taught me how to laugh again.
I was hiding in the corner
but You said "Arise, for Your light has come."
I was lost in winter
my tears lay frozen on my lips
but You brought me back to life
You showed me how to love again.
I was running, and desperate
but You chased after me.
Your love brought me home.
Wreck me, ruin me, with the passion of Your heart.
I think it's time I gave up this ghost.
I crave the sweet jealousy
of only Your affection.
Even when it's hard to believe
I still know,
that You're making a masterpeice
of me.
I won't resist You anymore.
I am ready to let go now.
You draw the pain from me
like poison from a wound.
You silense the accuser
who's mouth drips lies
like venem.
Through it all, I hear one voice:
"It is finished."
One day, a millenium.
One moment, a promise.
I am my Beloved's.


  1. This is really good Jessi! I am proud of you :) You should turn it into a song ;)