Sunday, December 18, 2016

A New Page

"Hello.. it's me.. "

I've been on quite the journey the last two years...logged in here, and realized that my most recent post, was somewhere just before the start of this journey..
Without too much explanation, or ado...I'm back, and ready to write again.

If anyone is out there, fresh poetry coming soon. :)

With Love,


Monday, February 24, 2014

A Childhood Story

Thinking of my dad today...

Seven years old..
Barefoot, and wild haired,
I ran through Alaska's mountain meadows..
Picking blueberries..
Hiding in fields of fire flowers..
Chasing friends, and finding ancient treasures.

My own, my home..
Imaginative spirit stretching at last..
Our whole Earth began to seem like magic..

Wonder taking root, and music it's first breaths..
Pretend, with reality holding blurred boundary lines..

My mother told me stories, every day..
Sometimes, I sang my younger brothers to sleep..

My dad took me hunting, and exploring..
Taught me how to ride a bike, on a glowing, rainy day.
He showed me how to paint...
Creating form, by balancing light with shadows.

I fell into rhythm, with sounds of growing trees.

Creating secret shelters,
Outlines of forest cathedrals...

Childhood seems to last forever..
There are so many treasured memories, in my book of true stories...

Tragedy built a slowly spiraled staircase, and we took the long way down..
Ocean storms,and dangerous tides hit our shores,
Devastating the vessel we set out in...
Not all of us reached the other side.

Years pass by...
Scars do fade away...though they leave a sacred etching.
My eyes are focused, my heart still exploring..
I walk, one step at a time...
Soaked with rain..
In love with our sky.

You are..
My own, my home,
Still...the whole Earth seems like magic.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our Stories


Morning breaks...
Star-burst dawn, reaching out, from old and dusty shadows..
Light takes it's place, never asking permission to shine..

History meets future, every day, with long awaited collisions of technicolor..
Sacred pages, dripping chapters of our true stories...a vibrantly swirling cloud of rainbow tears..

Our existence, a wild display of fireworks, reflecting over an incandescent ocean..

Freedom, echoing through this misty candle-lit universe..
Transcendent thoughts, weaving gently into baskets...
Holding safe, our revolutionary hearts..

Carried far away, dreaming breath into mystical reality..
Inviting, alluring as an invisible staircase.. 

Feet catching perfect wings of sky, we jump..
Losing sight, of all we've left behind..

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Lover's Rain

There is a piece that I wrote, about a week before the floods happened in Colorado...
Before we knew that danger was coming, there was one night (maybe two) of perfect, beautiful, heart catching rain. . . . I walked in it. . . . laughed in it. . . recorded sounds of the  (still innocently thundering) storm on my phone, to keep as a natural sleep melody . . . I sat on my front step, and breathed in, as much as possible, of that sweet, nostalgic rain smell. . . it reminded me of early childhood days in Alaska, and Oregon. . . . a scent that always tells me, that "everything is, and will be well". . . . .tells me I am loved, always. . . .
Rain has always been, a deeply spiritual experience for me. . . . an anchoring place of romance. . . and of centering peace.
-I had to write. . . .because I could so clearly feel the saturating goodness, and unwavering heart of our Creator, in the raindrops. . . . it carried me away.
A lot of things took place, after that night. . . .
-So, now, in the midst of destructive waters receding....and an officially declared natural disaster.... (it is being called a 500 year flood(?) .....with an unbelievable amount of damage, and heartache all over the area......I want to acknowledge, a redeeming love, caring for us, in the midst of it all.....there is nothing to say, that will explain, or brush over the effects of this is terrible, and it's effects are devastating, to the land, and to many people of Colorado....but I believe that we are all loved, and cherished by our Creator, and I am in awe, of the way that I, and so many others, have been divinely protected, and provided for, in the midst of this crazy moment in history.....we are loved..
-Below, is a meditative poem from before the floods...
--A Lover's Rain--
Thunder rolls over Colorado..
Deep sky echoing, through our sacred mountain land.

Rhythmic, sounds of downpour..
Like a Lover, bringing my heart to rest.

I breathe fully inward..
Melted by the sweet, saturating smell of rain...

Falling asleep, between billowing folds,
Of sky torn roaring..

Lightning is a bright, and lovely lullaby.


Monday, July 1, 2013



Hands extended in affection,
just to reach a little closer to the sky..

You're in me...
Strategically Composing...

Making music breathe.

Joining inner unseen melodies..
Blood and life source mix..
blending our existence..


You're in me...
Forever dancing on the inside..

making our home..
a sacred space..
garden, grown from graveyard ruins.

in my eyes, my core center..
creating our universe.

Spirits entwining..
as fingers would..
if you stood before me,
instead of within.

Speaking every language of Kindness.


Words are too precious, 
and words are too little
to describe...

You are in me.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hidden Wine Closet


For you,

Ancient Love,
Wind of light's romancing...

Stretching me open,
a cave within caverns..
Secret gemstones,
hidden wine closet.
Garden who's paths twist,
orchards, meadows, galaxies...

Poetry in your embrace
a thousand words, you never had to,
but still spoke..

Rolling and tumbling,
Rising from inside your ransom,
shimmering shades of pleasure..

Can't tell our colors apart anymore..

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Expanse & Time

Sometimes, when wind blows at midnight,
I have to stop...and feel the earth move..
Standing, in reverent wonder,
as silence, and sound travel through me..

whispers of portals, laden with secrets in love.
Starry sky, opening, in clear resounding tenderness..

calling to my deepest remembrance of mystery..

I can hear all the moments of your heart reaching mine...

The expanse of our emotion,
is bigger than my recollection of life..
I close my eyes...
Floods of sunlight,
shooting stars, and sandy shores, fly past my vision..

My heartbeat slower...
encompassed by the warmth, of your energy in creation.
-Haven't we always been?-
This friendship, intimately woven,
before my birth was thought of, in this realm.

Close my eyes once more,
see a shoreline horizon within..

Oceans emerging from my chest,
Barriers taken apart, spilling out,

toward a song we love to sing.

Our eyes meeting again..

We are, sunrise, and sunset...outside of time.
I am, overwhelmingly, delightfully overtaken.
You, the finality of love.


I began this poem a few weeks ago, from a moment outside one's about the forever space that we live in with Creator God...then it sat for awhile, untouched as an outline; when a friends' blog post inspired me to finish writing.
"We All Belong" (link below), by 'Back to Eden Group' reminded me to finish writing, when they asked the question:--- "Are you able to go back to Eden in the DNA of your memory bank and find your first recollection of life?" 
-(Check out the rest of their blogs as well! Amazing, beautiful things are happening!)