Monday, February 24, 2014

A Childhood Story

Thinking of my dad today...

Seven years old..
Barefoot, and wild haired,
I ran through Alaska's mountain meadows..
Picking blueberries..
Hiding in fields of fire flowers..
Chasing friends, and finding ancient treasures.

My own, my home..
Imaginative spirit stretching at last..
Our whole Earth began to seem like magic..

Wonder taking root, and music it's first breaths..
Pretend, with reality holding blurred boundary lines..

My mother told me stories, every day..
Sometimes, I sang my younger brothers to sleep..

My dad took me hunting, and exploring..
Taught me how to ride a bike, on a glowing, rainy day.
He showed me how to paint...
Creating form, by balancing light with shadows.

I fell into rhythm, with sounds of growing trees.

Creating secret shelters,
Outlines of forest cathedrals...

Childhood seems to last forever..
There are so many treasured memories, in my book of true stories...

Tragedy built a slowly spiraled staircase, and we took the long way down..
Ocean storms,and dangerous tides hit our shores,
Devastating the vessel we set out in...
Not all of us reached the other side.

Years pass by...
Scars do fade away...though they leave a sacred etching.
My eyes are focused, my heart still exploring..
I walk, one step at a time...
Soaked with rain..
In love with our sky.

You are..
My own, my home,
Still...the whole Earth seems like magic.


  1. I love the realness of this and the landscape in the background carried me there as I felt welcomed into the flow. Perhaps what is most beautiful to me is the 'preservation of the investment given by your parents' during your childhood. The eye of your imagination is the gate to exploring your dreams, this remains a most treasured gift from your father and I celebrate and honour him today, along with you. My heart is warmed with the rawness, the realness and the colour of this tribute. Bless you.

  2. Thank you so much. Love you both, and feel the true nourishment of your words..

  3. Very beautiful Jessie. I'm honored to have been able to know of your dad through you. I love you Jess <3