Sunday, March 17, 2013

Expanse & Time

Sometimes, when wind blows at midnight,
I have to stop...and feel the earth move..
Standing, in reverent wonder,
as silence, and sound travel through me..

whispers of portals, laden with secrets in love.
Starry sky, opening, in clear resounding tenderness..

calling to my deepest remembrance of mystery..

I can hear all the moments of your heart reaching mine...

The expanse of our emotion,
is bigger than my recollection of life..
I close my eyes...
Floods of sunlight,
shooting stars, and sandy shores, fly past my vision..

My heartbeat slower...
encompassed by the warmth, of your energy in creation.
-Haven't we always been?-
This friendship, intimately woven,
before my birth was thought of, in this realm.

Close my eyes once more,
see a shoreline horizon within..

Oceans emerging from my chest,
Barriers taken apart, spilling out,

toward a song we love to sing.

Our eyes meeting again..

We are, sunrise, and sunset...outside of time.
I am, overwhelmingly, delightfully overtaken.
You, the finality of love.


I began this poem a few weeks ago, from a moment outside one's about the forever space that we live in with Creator God...then it sat for awhile, untouched as an outline; when a friends' blog post inspired me to finish writing.
"We All Belong" (link below), by 'Back to Eden Group' reminded me to finish writing, when they asked the question:--- "Are you able to go back to Eden in the DNA of your memory bank and find your first recollection of life?" 
-(Check out the rest of their blogs as well! Amazing, beautiful things are happening!)


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