Tuesday, February 12, 2013

El Dorado

Yellow scarf around my neck..
Muddy boots, and happy heart.
Something makes me want to ride horses.
Stopping at every corner to take pictures.

Waking up my heart again.
Found a trail that runs deep,
through hills I've been waiting to explore.

I draw in new breath, Yours returning to my lungs.
Heart beats quicker, remembering the pleasure of movement.
I feel alive.

Light catches glow on living blades of grass,
Golden pale, warming reflective surfaces,
A sunlit cascade, hillside serenade..
Igniting every color in me.

Nature sings in cadence.
I hear our quiet...hear You breathe.

Dirt rustles under my feet,
telling of delight.
These rocks hold mysteries
older than my body, but not my soul.

Heaven's sound, in a chorus of pure mountain air...I'm listening.

Swaying pull of adventure,
pleading always, for just a few more steps..
I can't turn back until both our hearts are satisfied.

Your creation is poetry, waiting to be written.
(I'm on a mission...to find it's treasure.)

This wild belongs to You.
Land rolling in such intricate dimension..

Sky, bright as a Father's smile,
reminding me to keep walking,
past a voice that says:
"Better go back. You'll only get lost".

There is freedom to explore,
Lose sight of where we started.
I won't get lost with You..

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