Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I wrote this a long time ago...found it the other day, and got wrecked again..

It's from one of the most moving encounters of my life.

To prelude: -years ago, I'd written a poem about some of the pain, and healing process I was walking through at that time.
Soon after, I was soaking one day, and had an encounter with Jesus, where He entered the words of the poetry Id written.

--He stood in front of me, in the rain...and just looked at me...
He was laughing and crying at the same time, and just looking at me with the purest love. -Id never felt anything like that moment.
 -This poem was then inspired by that vision.


Your hair is dripping wet,
and Your eyes speak worlds of emotion
of how much You love me

…and all I can see are Your eyes.

You’re laughing and crying,
as in this moment,
I’m living and dying

…and all I can see are Your eyes.

Your gentle, laughing eyes.

In a second, I knew how You love me.

Your tears are flowing
as You laugh,
and look at me, like a long-lost love.

Like a prodigal daughter, I gazed at my father;
and then I saw
Your eyes.

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