Friday, May 4, 2012

Starlight Adventure

-I wrote this a couple of months ago in Boulder, CO. -was on my way into an evening service at church; but got kidnapped into mystical adventure time with Holy Spirit. -The draw to come away with Him and explore was overwhelming; and His Spirit in the air was irresistible. -This poem was created in the moments of that experience.

There's something in the air tonight
People are waiting for me inside
..but my soul is drawn away
I need to be outside
to find that thing that I didn't even know I was looking for

I'm standing in an open field, under a clear night sky..
As I walk through the grass, I'm moved by the need to explore
captivated by the playful mystery that often whispers in my ear
and pulls me into unknown adventures

As perfection would have it, there's a playground here
I climb to the top of the jungle.gym, and stand up high
embracing the surreal beauty of everything around me

There's a heavy breeze tonight
I raise my arms, and dance in the Wind
becoming slow and fluid as He moves me

My jacket swirls around me like a cape

I'm lost in pure delight and childlike wonder

..singing my love to the sky

Peace fills me, as I release our song over the earth..

The wind is so strong that I can almost lean against it
-as it presses into me, like a kiss from the Divine breath
-that seems to overwhelm -and all but blow me over

I sit down on the slide..
The city is far away; but I can see it's lights glowing

The sky is so big, and the wind is so strong
..the stars are looking right at me

I remember what it's like, to not be worried about anything
To be stirred by deep desire
 to be fully alive


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