Friday, May 25, 2012

Beautiful Oblivion

This poem is a patchwork quilt of verses from different pieces of poetry that I've written over the years. -I've edited, cut, added, revised, and melded them into a new creation together. -It reflects parts of my journey, and some of my heartbeat toward the Lover/Creator. -Enjoy.

My spirit overflows, spilling out of me again.
Your eyes are the mirror, the reflection of my deepest mystery

You are blood in my veins 
breath blowing through me
Heartbeat that brings me to rest...

There are no words 
For the way You overwhelm my heart
I love You like falling rain
like sun on my face, after a long cold winter.

I feel You through my skin
You're like water in the air.
Sometimes sudden..
always welcome.

I'm in love with the way You
walk through every room of my soul
looking with such tender affection 
on each window, corner, and detail...

then there's Your Voice...
crashing -moving -resounding as the ocean,
embracing as the wind
constant as the seasons changing

every moment spent with You,
steals my heart away forever.

I was shards of broken glass
a wild bloody mess
exquisite disaster of chaos  
shattered soul

You picked up my pieces
created a mosaic of colors

Put me back together 
with the beauty of an artists touch.
brought me to breathing again

You paint the sky in my heart
then light it up with stars.

Now I know that nothing is impossible
nothing is lost

I can see the substance of hope
pouring from my chest, 
dripping off my fingers 

liquid gemstones
like water set aflame

comfort of a love, unchanging and wild.

How lovely to believe, that our Spirits are forever entwined.
Spinning and twisting like leaves in a storm

All that you are, 
all that I am
Come together in the glow of a swirling amber light.

I’m falling into You again. 
So catch me now, I'm running and flying.
Drunk with love, 
stained with the colors of bliss
I'm lost in a beautiful oblivion.


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