Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Deeper through the sky we travel
each breath is a memory
each heartbeat a soldier

Purples and blues give way
to yellows and oranges
as we reach the line of horizon

Illusive as a secret pathway
mysterious in it's simplicity

We just keep flying
keep laughing
and know it exists

There's not a trail we can follow
There's no map to this place
but if you can dance, it will find you

If I can let myself be
find room to inhale and exhale
breathe deep

Kiss the endless Love we all search for
look right into the eyes of this limitless Peace

Let it come, already running
searching for us
before we ever realized our existance

before you felt your own soul move

before thought became so attached
and heart so detached.
Before childlike joy gave way to sorrow
and trust to a sea of disappointment
and adventures half traveled

Maybe freedom looks like
'I let go and jump'
choosing this moment to never look back

To dance down the street, instead of walking
Shout from my heart
no more whispers or hiding

Taste something reckless
something fearless
something irrational

forever complete, and forever unfolding

to be caught by
be found by
lost in
saturated with
and delighted throughout

a Laughter that doesnt stop
a song that keeps singing

a beauty unending

a journey to the unknown

an uncontainable ecstasy

What if love
is love

is love

is really



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  1. Thank you for sharing this ecstatic moment.