Tuesday, August 14, 2012


..slipping into our secret place of rest..

Breathing in..
...breathing out...


awakening spirit
walking through the mist of You

Face to face
our heartbeats collide
falling slowly 
into eternal warmth

Forever whispers..
..softly we sing
our voices entwining

eyes melting eyes

fear has no place here..

Completely unknown, and completely familiar

..I hear You...

..I see You...

Pulling me forward
surrounding my senses

Experiencing all the movement and sound
of stillness...


...deep breath...

Sinking into Love
It's beyond me,
around, and inside me
...I see You.....

Held in this place
of sublime union
I collapse into peace..

You're deeper than any ocean I could be

..My heart says "yes"..
spirit lingering between two worlds..

..Our sacred escape...

You found me.


I wrote this poem during a time of writing/voice activation at an Ecstatic Expression School!

Check out www.ecstaticexpression.org  -for original art pieces, poetry, and creative/entrepreneurial resources by Jimmy Canali at Ecstatic Expression Studios!

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