Monday, September 17, 2012


Winding slowly through my veins

..words will come in time
for now, I have none...

Barriers collapsing,
they can't exist with you
Completely I belong.
cherished, I abide.

Name, carved into my heart
You are written,
etched on my wrists..

a heartbeat long ago
Our blood merges into symphony
-Locked eyes burning unbroken-

for I remember...
(before you gave my air to breathing)
(How could there... -how could there be any other for me?)

Delighted space we create
encompassing, surrounding,
bleeding into my core..

seeping through cracks,
of dusty bricks I'd laid
to hide myself away
from such a touch of utter knowing..

all of my secrets are told
-you believe me-

standing like a revolution..
breaking down
There's nothing but to fall
surrender my immortal spirit.

Carry me over the threshold
across riverbanks,
Ocean wild
Sinking slowly, entwining eternal..

-Breath unfolding a lifetime, 
worlds within syllable-

Beholding The Sacred eyes of fire
-who would die for me- 
-all over again-
I'm shaken by that certainty in your face..
by pure violence of your devotion.

-Eyes furious with love-
lips drenching me in forever's sound
every tone an instrument
-Let all of Heaven inside me worship-


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