Monday, December 17, 2012


This poem is written in the first person context, of my own connection with our Creator; but is meant to reflect the place in His heart that each of us individually and especially hold...explore that however you feel inspired.

A Lion walks with me..

His rich red devotion,
Dripping, crimson..
An anthem indestructible,
Blood stained ballad..

Invitation to forever.

In awe
of this truth
that my heart,
my voice,
romance the 'I Am'..

I am Your delight,
our desire moving Heaven..
My laughter, Your dearest joy.

Breaker of every chain
Name above all other names
You choose me...without hesitation.

Constellations, pathways..
Your thoughts, a handmade journal..
each page written,
to my deepest longing.

How You love,
to be my everything...

Refusing to leave my side..

Irrevocable Lover..
Cadence of Courage..

I know Your whisper well..
Breathing secrets unimaginably lovely.
Somehow I believe,
that my eyes
have overwhelmed You..

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